Registration as EXPORTER in Argentinean customs.

Registration in O.N.C.C.A. (ROE: Registry of Export Operations)

Environmental registrations. (Flora certificates)

Tariff classification.

Hiring charters and insurance.

Analysis and issuing of documents.

Issuing of export customs declarations.

Issuing of documentation (electronic bills, certificates of origin, packing lists, export customs declarations, cargo manifests).

Customs brokerage services.

Tracking and collection of reimbursements.


Registration as IMPORTER in Argentinean customs.

Operation cost analysis.

Hiring forwarders.

Issuing of import clearances.

Integral logistics of the operation.

"International Brokers"

Every country manufactures its own goods and services, but it may also have a shortage of supplies and assets (human, natural, financial and industrial assets). The exchange between two countries when they export (sell) and import (buy) their products is what we call “foreign trade”.

It is through foreign trade that we are able to improve competitiveness, to promote productive chains and to strengthen small and medium enterprises.

Smaller enterprises rarely count with a FOREIGN TRADE department; it is then, when the role of the broker becomes crucial so as to implement the commercial tasks abroad. According to the broker´s requirements, we carry out a feasibility analysis of his project, and if he does not have one, we create it for him, always offering the best personalized solutions according to the needs, capacity and expectations of your company.

We are prepared to become your foreign trade department. We can create or monitor your purchase orders in Argentina o abroad. BDM-international is dedicated to seek commercial opportunities, positioning our company in the market.